Thursday, 8 April 2010

Word and Image Text

Word and Image
Listening to the word and image talk I instantly wanted to create an installation piece as some of the found imagery in the talk inspired me. I have never created an installation before and wanted to create something different for this project, I was pleased that my group also wanted to create an installation focusing on Bob Marley. Working in group gave me confidence to create an installation as we could work as a team and solve any problems as a team effort.

As a group we decided that we did want our project to be an obvious Bob Marley homage. We decided against using any drug references or using the obvious colours of Jamaica; Red, green and yellow. From the beginning we assigned roles to one another which was helpful and a great starting point. I was assigned Marley’s family/home life. At first I explored many avenues of Marley’s home life and family. I collected various objects from the beach and coastline. I found some family photographs from an internet based source and drew them in the style of a child. I also drew the outline of Jamaica and incorporated text of the island into the shape. For the last image I collected some scenery photographs from Marley’s childhood areas and altered them using Photoshop. I then added text upon the images, which were some of Marley’s most famous quotes. I feel that the illustrations work well with the other images and three dimensional pieces in our installation.

I wanted to create my own text for the project so I posed with my body creating the alphabet. I was unhappy with the flat image therefore I transferred the images into Photoshop and enhanced the photographs into silhouettes which make the images stand out and stand clear of what they are showing. I wanted my images to hand rendered as my previous work has all been computer generated. Also for the project of Bob Marley, a hand rendered approach I felt was best.

Overall we worked well as group and our visions were realised without may problems. Our installation has a very definite style with the work of all four artists working as one. Our piece stands alone, and as you look into the piece you realise that it is about Bob Marley and his life, which is something we set out to do at the start of this project.

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